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How to Relieve Stress in Your Dog without Prescription Medications

The fact is that dogs experience stress like everyone else, and it is important that owners are aware of this. If your dog clearly has issues with stress, it is important that you take the necessary steps to provide them with relief. There are lots of safe and natural ways to reduce stress in dogs that you can try out with your pet. While not all of these methods work for every dog, there is a good chance that one of these solutions will benefit yours.

Make Sure Your Dog Gets Daily Exercise

It is crucial that you make a point of taking your dog for a walk at least once each day. One of the main reasons that a lot of dogs get very stressed and anxious is because they don’t get enough exercise each day. You can also go to a dog park so they can run around and get the exercise they need to stay mentally and physically healthy. The more exercise your dog gets on a daily basis, the healthier they will be as a whole.


Another great way to keep your dog from stressing out if it has anxiety issues is to get it some great toys. Take the time to look for high-quality toys that are durable and won’t get torn to shreds within a matter of days. The right toys can provide your pet with comfort when it starts to get stressed out for whatever reason. Whether it is because you are leaving the house or a thunderstorm, this can be a great way to keep them relaxed.

Play Soothing Music

Sometimes playing classical or soothing music can do wonders for calming down animals, and that includes dogs. Research has shown that a lot of dogs actually have a very positive response to certain types of music. If you notice that your dog is stressed, you might want to try this. Conversely, you should avoid playing music that is too chaotic or loud. This can actually have the opposite intended effect.

Remaining Calm Yourself

Dogs definitely take cues from their owners when it comes to how they act, so you must remember this. The more outwardly stressed or anxious you are, the more nervous the dog will become. When you notice that your dog is getting worked up, you should try to remain as calm as possible. This will help to ensure that your pet doesn’t get any more worked up than it already is.


Giving your dog CBD oil can help relax it quite a bit in moments of stress or anxiety. It can also have the same effect on humans. This oil acts as a mild mood elevator, which can be very useful when your pet is feeling anxious for some reason. It can also reduce inflammation and promote good overall health for your pet. These days lots of dog owners are giving their pets CBD oil because of how beneficial it is on numerous levels.

Don’t Give Your Dog Sedatives

While a lot of people with anxious dogs tend to jump right to giving their pets prescription sedatives or tranquilizers, this can be a very bad idea. There are all sorts of negative side-effects associated with these medications that can do your pet more harm than good. It is important that you discuss natural alternatives with your veterinarian before going to this option. This should always be a last resort for pet owners, because there are a number of bad things that can come from it.

Security Blanket

Sometimes wrapping your dog up tight in a thick blanket can be a good way to relieve stress temporarily. The physical closeness may be enough to get them to calm down when they start getting all worked up. Make sure that you hold them close, because otherwise the blanket won’t do much to elevate their mood. One of the best things about this method is that it works well with many different breeds of dogs. You might even want to give your canine companion a little massage, as it could help relax them quite a bit.

Final Thoughts

If you ever see that your dog is very stressed or anxious, it is important that you take action. There are numerous ways of improving your dog’s mood within minutes that don’t involve prescription medications. While these drugs can be very effective, they can also be quite dangerous. It is especially important for you to focus on natural anti-stress solutions if you have an older dog. The more advanced your dog’s age, the more likely it is that there will be complications from prescription sedatives. These natural methods can work just as well if not better, and they don’t come with any dangerous side-effects.